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Systematiq: smart ways with technologies

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Systematiq business development director Brydon Johnson says new technologies and enhancements are boosting efficiency across rail networks.

An efficient rail network is vital for a nation’s public transportation system, providing reduced operational costs, enhanced user experience, and improved sustainability outcomes.

Smart sensors

These are sensors specifically designed to capture large volumes of data, with the intent to transform the gathered information into intelligent solutions.

“Sensors operate independently from each other but are linked together through a decentralised system,” Johnson said.

“They utilise machine learning and algorithms to analyse the collected data, then use said data to automatically create rules that optimise existing processes.

“Smart sensors also allow for the creation of digital twins: virtual models of physical objects. The digital model is developed though the data gathered by smart sensors.”

Analysis of the digital twin provides various advantages.

One example is a predictive function: engineers can use a digital model to detect potential failures before the physical counterpart undergoes it. This allows preventative actions to take place before physical failure, dramatically reducing the cost of repair.

Australian implementation

Smart sensors have been deployed across rail networks in New South Wales, as a part of its Future Transport Technology Roadmap.

“Through their implementation, they have provided valuable data to network managers, with the information being leveraged to optimise planning, management and operations across the regional and Great Sydney rail services,” Johnson said.

“The data collected will also be used to develop a real-time digital twin of the entire NSW transport system. This model will be able to visualise roads and rail networks based on real-time data being gathered, which will be instrumental in not only optimising the NSW public transport infrastructure, but also preparing the city for the future implementation of autonomous vehicles.

“Technologies such as smart sensors and digital twins play a fundamental role in the advancement of NSW’s transportation network, and will allow for a more intelligent, efficient and sustainable city.”

Systematiq support

Systematiq provides consulting services that help the Australian rail industry to enhance and modernise its rail capabilities.

With experience supporting key projects across Australia, Systematiq works with leading industry organisations such as Downer, Metro Trains Melbourne (MTM), and Yarra Trams.

“As a consulting firm, we provide a range of rail support services that can be tailored to your project’s specific needs throughout its lifecycle,” Johnson said.

“The Systematiq service offerings span a wide spectrum, including everything from crafting tender proposals and managing project procurement—to systems engineering and technologies, asset management and project management.

“If you’re interested in learning how Systematiq can move your business forward, visit our website.”