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Systematiq on hand to help autonomous revolution

systematiq autonomous

Project management specialist Systematiq is well-positioned to provide services to Australian rail industry as the use of autonomous trains continues to advance.

Although automatic train operation (ATO) has existed since the 1900s, autonomous trains are a relatively new development, referring to completely unattended trains that are capable of operating alongside other trains, cars and pedestrians.

As is well-known, five Grades of Automation (GoA) exist, with GoA0 being a fully driver-operated train, and GoA4 being a completely unattended train, able to operate safely with full functionality without the need for onboard staff.

GoA4 levels of automation provide significant efficiencies to rail networks, as autonomous trains are not prone to human error. They are more accurate and consistent in their operations.

Systematiq business development director Brydon Johnson said the autonomous nature of these trains also provides more flexibility for fleets, as they can be controlled, held and relocated without a driver being physically present.

“As such, the implementation of autonomous trains significantly reduces risk for a rail network and allows fleet operators to manage their network more efficiently,” he said.

“Australia has begun to incorporate ATO and autonomous trains in its rail networks, to increase efficiency across its rail operations.

“Sydney has already incorporated automated trains as a part of its rail system. The new Sydney Metro is currently fully automated at a GoA4 level. Autonomous trains are effectively operational across the network.

“In Melbourne, the new Metro Tunnel – for which Systematic has provided support – will have automated trains capable of GoA2: trains that run automatically from station to station, but will still require an onboard driver to open doors and handle emergency situations.”

Johnson said that when businesses are struggling to meet project milestones due to a lack of resources, Systematiq can help.

“With experience supporting leading industry organisations such as Downer, Metro Trains Melbourne and Yarra Trams, Systematiq provides a wide range of flexible, scalable and surge resources to fill capability gaps and meet project requirements,” he said.

“From crafting tender proposals and managing project procurement, to systems engineering, asset management, and project management; our expert consultants will keep businesses running smoothly.”

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