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Sydney transport Apps going bonkers

<span class="" id="parent-fieldname-description"> Real time information continues to be a hit with Sydney train and bus customers, with over 120,000 application downloads by commuters in July – a new record – Transport for NSW reported. </span> <div>A spokesperson for Transport for NSW said the six apps endorsed by the government body had over 120,000 new downloads in July, which is the first month that downloads have passed 100,000<br /><br />“This figure eclipses our previous best for a month by more than 26,000 downloads. That’s a really pleasing result as it shows we’re delivering a valuable service to our customers, the spokesperson said.<br /><br />“The real time information we provide helps our customers plan their train and bus trips more efficiently and helps them make better choices when it comes to selecting the best way to get from A to B.”<br /><br />The spokesperson said the popularity of the latest app, NextThere, is one of the reasons for the spike in new downloads.<br /><br />“NextThere was released in July and already it’s had more than 30,000 downloads. The Apple Store even highlighted it as one of the best new apps available just days after it had been released,” the spokesperson said.<br /><br />“Customers are flocking to all of the public transport apps available, with more than two million downloads and more than 40 million requests for real time data each month,” the spokesperson said.<br /><br />Currently there are six Transport apps in the marketplace: TripGo, Triptastic, TripView, Arrivo Sydney, TransitTimes+ and NextThere. They are available on iPhone and Android.<br /><br />The spokesperson said work to develop and expand on real time information that’s available to customers will continue.<br /><br />“Making life easier for public transport customers is at the centre of what we do. This is why we will always be continually looking to create apps that empower customers by providing them with high quality information like they’ve never experienced before,” the spokeperson said.<br /><br />More information: