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Sydney Trains seeks suppliers for UPS network

Sydney Trains is searching for suppliers to replace its network of uninterruptible power systems (UPS).

The 40 systems are spread around the network which are a mix of new and aged units.

These systems supply power to the Sydney Trains electrical network, signalling location in particular, in the case of utility power failure. If these systems lost power there would be significant disruption across the train network.

The tender documents outline that a successful tendered will be able to provide installation, commissioning, and maintenance services.

The UPS systems range from 10-25-kVa 1 phase 240V input and output with 110VDC Bus, to 25 and 30kVa 3 phase 415V input and output with 110VDC Bus, and 40kVa 3 phase 415V input and output with either 110VDC or 400VDC Bus.

Tenders close on February 20 at 2pm and can be submitted via NSW’s online tender process.