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Sydney Metro updates corporate plan

Sydney Metro has released an update to its corporate plan for 2022-24, a three-year program outlining the organisation’s strategic direction and alignment to government priorities and objectives.

It refreshes the Sydney Metro Board’s strategic direction and intention for Sydney Metro that was set in July 2021, demonstrating alignment of NSW Government and Transport for NSW strategies and plans into a single strategic vision for the business.

The plan helps convey to the public and stakeholders how the organisation intends to work towards achieving the NSW Government’s priorities and objectives by outlining the focus areas, high-level budget, and measures of success.

Sydney Metro chief executive Peter Regan said the Government agency was tasked with delivering a high-capacity, high-frequency metro network across the Greater Sydney region.

“Its role is to plan, build, operate and optimise metro serices and create vibrant and attractive precincts and places, contributing to an integrated public transport network that focuses on customer and community outcomes,” he said.

“Sydney Metro’s strategic objectives and key areas of focus set out in this ppdate support the creation of enduring value for our customers, communities and our State, in the current operating environment.

“They underpin our statutory objectives, describe the way we strive to fulfil our legislative mandate, and respond to the risks and opportunities in the near-term.

“The lead-up to 2024 is a truly exciting time for our organisation, as we get ready to launch services on the Sydney Metro City & Southwest, which will extend from the north west, under Sydney Harbour through the central business district and on to Bankstown.

“At the same time, construction continues at pace on our two other mega projects at Sydney Metro West and Sydney Metro – Western Sydney Airport.”

The document outlines five key targets:

  • Delivery commitments

“We will deliver high quality Metro infrastructure and places – safely, on time and on budget.”

  • Successful engagement

“We will collaborate with our communities and our partners to drive sustainable, city-shaping transformation.”

  • Operational excellence

“We will work with partners, keeping customers at the centre of everything we do, to deliver a world-class, integrated metro.”

  • Financial responsibility

“Our financial and commercial focus will drive value-formoney outcomes, and overall business success.”

  • Organisational capability

“We will attract, nurture and develop a talented, diverse and innovative workforce who are enabled by fit-for-purpose systems and processes, and highly capable delivery partners.”

Regan said excelling in operations hinged on delivering integrated metro services to a world-class standard, as well as working collaboratively to plan future metro corridors.

“Our high-frequency turn-up-and-go service will continue to be designed, delivered and operated around the needs of our customers and communities,” he said.

“The development of activated and vibrant precincts and places that surround our stations further enhances the customer experience of our operations. We are committed to delivering multi-modal integration of transport services and being data-driven to gain a deeper understanding of the needs of our current and future customers.

“We need to be prepared to innovate and respond to changing expectations to understand which aspects of mobility our customers value over time.

“Readying ourselves, our partners and the community for commencement of passenger services on the future Metro City & Southwest Line is of paramount importance for Sydney Metro.

“We remain guardians of our customer outcomes by working closely with our operating partner to maintain a level of high performance across our expanding networks, comparable to other metro operators around the world.

“Our unique role means we constantly strive for excellence to achieve world-class results in customer satisfaction, and to guarantee the safety and security of our systems, stations and day-to-day operation of the network.”

The strategic focus for 2023–2024 involves:

  • Partnering for high performance, achieving all operational performance targets and maintaining high levels of customer service, with positive customer, government and local community sentiment.
  • Achieving timely and vibrant activation of all precincts, in line with integrated transport and land use vision.
  • Assuring operational readiness of transitioning to the Sydney Metro City & Southwest project from delivery to operation.
  • Safeguarding the physical and cyber security of the networks.

“Sydney Metro has evolved significantly, with one metro line in operation and three lines in delivery,” Regan said.

“By the end of the decade there will be four metro lines in operation across Sydney. Sydney Metro will meet the growth of our delivery portfolio and operations with the appropriate organisational capacity and capability – with a deliberate focus on our people and their wellbeing, and our technology, systems and processes.

“Safety and wellbeing is a core value and Sydney Metro is committed to creating and maintaining a healthy and safe work environment.

“We believe that today’s people are central to tomorrow’s outcomes. Our long-term goal focuses on creating an environment where our people feel cared for and valued. Our health and wellbeing plan enables access to the support that people need to maintain and improve their own mental, physical, social health and wellbeing, and support the wellbeing of their colleagues.

“We must also attract and retain capable team members and delivery partners, embrace inclusivity and diversity outcomes, and remain committed to growing industry capacity to deliver on our commitments to Transport and the expectations of the NSW Government.

“At an enterprise level, we will uplift our technology, systems and approach to support strategic workforce planning, resource management and team mobility.

“Our workforce is the key to our success and we will remain flexible and agile as we work to identify and achieve common purposes and objectives.

“By virtue of the NSW Government’s investment, Sydney Metro also has an opportunity to positively influence the broader workforce development of our State.”

Read the plan in detail.