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Study provides a bearing towards greater efficiency

A study suggests remanufacturing bearings rather than making brand new ones is often the way to go

New research conducted for SKF Railway has highlighted the efficiency benefits of bearing remanufacturing.

SKF has provided wheelset bearing remanufacturing services to the railway industry for many years via its international network of service centres.

In order to measure the environmental benefits of bearing remanufacturing, a study was conducted comparing resource efficiency, waste generation and overall environmental impact for both new-manufactured bearings and remanufactured bearings.

The study was performed in accordance with the highest industry standards regarding life cycle assessment methodology.

According to SKF, by remanufacturing, products or components can be restored to “like-new” condition.

The option to remanufacture used bearings is said to offer a reduced number of new components to be purchased, helping save energy and raw materials, while also cutting waste and pollutants during the bearings’ production process.

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