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South Australian Freight Council backs road spending plans

<p>South Australia’s road transport system will be significantly improved under funding commitments to major transport projects made in the state Budget yesterday (Thursday, September 21), the South Australian Freight Council said.</p> <p>However, while welcoming the government’s commitment to several major transport infrastructure projects, the SAFC warned there a significant amount of work still needsed to be done to ensure the transport system could cope with a forecast increase in traffic flow along Adelaide’s major thoroughfares over the next 15 years.</p> <p>SAFC chairman Vincent Tremaine said a range of projects remained on the drawing board due to a lack of public sector funding.</p> <p>"We urge the state government to recognise the increasing demands being placed on our transport system &#8211 road, sea, air and rail &#8211 and the need to put plans into place now to ensure SA’s future transport requirements are met."</p> <p>Key funding in the Budget includes:</p> <p>South Road upgrade program <em>: </em> $40m to start works on the underpass of Anzac Highway (completion due mid 2009), and an additional $19.4m for the tunnel under Grange Rd-Port Rd, and the adjacent railway crossing, as well as the widening of sections to Torrens Rd. </p> <p>Northern Expressway: $14.2m to start pre-works for the $550m project which will provide a new northern access route linking the Sturt Highway to Port Wakefield Rd, which will ease pressure on the existing Main North Rd route from Gawler.</p> <p>Port River Expressway: $85.5m towards the $175m opening road and rail bridges across the Port River, due for completion in December 2007</p> <p>Bakewell Bridge Replacement <em>:</em> $27.6m of a $43.5m project due for completion in June 2008.</p> <p>Earlier this year, the SA Freight Council identified $4.2bn worth of transport infrastructure initiatives that were critical to the state’s future economic viability.</p> <br />