Monday 18th Jun, 2018

Snow-ploughing passenger train goes viral

Photo: YouTube
Photo: YouTube

WATCH: Footage of an Amtrak train showering waiting passengers with ploughed snow at a New York station last week has gone viral on social media.

The video was uploaded by to YouTube on March 15.

It has since been watched more than nine million times.

Local New York media have reported the train was the first to arrive on the morning of March 15, at Rhinecliff station, roughly 130 kilometres north of New York City.

A statement from Amtrak was quoted in a number of sources.

The operator looked to assuage concerns the situation was potentially dangerous to onlookers.

“Amtrak has reviewed the operation of Empire Service Train 236 arriving at the Rhinecliff, N.Y., station shortly after 9:00am on Wednesday, March 15,” the operator was quoted as saying.

“Our investigation has determined the train was traveling at the authorized speed when making the station stop and all rules were followed by the engineer.

“Amtrak is grateful no one was injured and Emergency Medical Services units were not called to the station.

“We always advise customers to stand back from the platform edge as trains approach and this was an unusual occurrence considering the large amount of snow on the tracks.”

Amtrak said a plow train had been used earlier that morning to clear the tracks, but snow had continued to accumulate after the tracks were cleared.

“During severe weather, it is even more important that customers be careful in stations, on platforms as trains warn of their arrival and departures and as passengers board and disembark,” the operator reportedly said.

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