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Slope stabilisation works for Toowoomba range

toowoomba stabilisation

A $15 million investment towards further Toowoomba Range Slope Stabilisation works will bolster the reliability and resilience of Queensland Rail’s regional network, while supporting 30 jobs.

Building on Stage 1 works which were completed in 2021, Stage 2 works between Spring Bluff and Helidon stations will improve the strength of the line during heavy rainfall, through embankment remediation works and additional drainage enhancements.

Queensland Rail Head of Regional Scott Cornish said the Toowoomba Range was an important transport corridor for the Darling Downs coal and agricultural sector.

“The West Moreton Line is critical for connecting western Queensland with the Port of Brisbane and is used by trains hauling high levels of valuable cargo including coal, agricultural goods and livestock,” he said.

“This line also connects the Westlander Passenger service from Brisbane to Charleville and return twice a week.

“It’s vital we maintain the condition of this rail line in order to support local industry and economy through reliable transport solutions.

“Investigations and monitoring at high-risk sites along the range determined priority areas for the drainage improvements and slope stabilisation. These works reduce the risk of landslides on the range, thereby increasing safety and reducing disruption to the line.

“Queensland Rail has brought Doval Constructions onboard to undertake works through to late-December 2023.

“This major investment will not only help provide a more reliable rail network it will also extend the life of the Queensland Rail network.”

For more information on the project visit the Queensland Rail website.