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Slight dip in Vic fare compliance

Fare compliance on Victoria’s metropolitan and regional transport networks has dipped over the past year, according to the latest survey from Public Transport Victoria.

PTV’s survey data – which was taken in May, and released this week – shows compliance dipped on Melbourne’s tram network to 95.1%, compared to 96.4% recorded in October 2016.

Compliance rose slightly on Melbourne’s trains – from 97.4% to 97.6% – while a substantial drop in bus compliance – from 93.6% to 89.2% – meant PTV’s overall metropolitan network compliance fell from 96.2% to 94.8% in the May 2017 survey.

Meanwhile, regional train fare compliance was 94.2% in May, down from 95.9% in October 2016.

PTV boss Jeroen Weimar looked on the positive, noting fare compliance remains roughly 10% higher than it was a decade ago, when the first survey showed 86.6%.

Weimar also noted the survey was the first since the introduction of a new fare compliance system, which saw better training for Authorised Officers, and the removal of on-the-spot penalty fares on January 1.

“Over the past decade we’ve seen a huge improvement in the number of passengers doing the right thing and it is great to see that continuing,” Weimar said.

“At the same time we have also seen a reduction in the number of complaints about Authorised Officers, following the introduction of the new simpler and fairer compliance system.”

Despite the vast majority of Victorian passengers travelling with a valid ticket, PTV says fare evasion still cost $36.5 million in lost revenue in the last financial year.

Common reasons for not having a valid ticket were concession fare breaches, and having regional train passengers having an ‘insufficient balance’ on their myki cards.