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Trains back to Britomart after major works and upgrades

A week after trains returned to the Auckland network after the summer shutdown, trains have run into the city centre … 0 488
CAF AM class train Auckland. - Photo: Auckland Transport
Passenger Rail

Caps on fares instituted and proposed on rail networks to grow patronage

Auckland Transport will make discounts to off-peak fares permanent, as of February 7. The discounts will apply between 9am and … 0 201
Passenger Rail

Parking made easier for rail passengers

Extra parking and improved technology is making it easier for commuters to catch the train.0 404
Workforce, Certification & Training

Proposals to protect rail workers as part of COVID-19 response

Unions and industry associations have proposed extra protections for rail workers as the response to COVID-19 continues across Australia.0 396
Passenger Rail, Technology and IT

Real time interchange data displayed during Sydney Harbour Bridge shutdown

During the 10-day Sydney Harbour Bridge shutdown in January, screens displaying real-time interchange information guided commuters arriving at Wynyard and … 0 785
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Public transport vital but must meet community needs: ACTCOSS

The ACT Council of Social Service (ACTCOSS) has reaffirmed the importance of public transport while calling upon the ACT government … 0 437
Passenger Rail, Safety, Standards & Regulation, Workforce, Certification & Training

SA Transport Minister confirms January 31 handover date for train services

South Australian Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Corey Wingard has confirmed that Keolis Downer will begin operating the Adelaide’s heavy … 0 705
Thales signalling CBTC
Signalling & Communications

Signalling system from Thales first certified CBTC product in China

A CBTC signalling system developed by Thales’s Chinese joint venture, Thales SEC Transport, has received the China Urban Rail Certification.0 339
Trespassers detected by thermal imaging.
Safety, Standards & Regulation

New technology rolled out to prevent trespassers on Melbourne network

A combination of optical distance sensors, thermal imaging, and artificial intelligence technology is being used to detect trespassers in the … 0 1434

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