Monday 24th Feb, 2020

Signalling expertise with proven results

Photo: JBE Group

Rail Express speaks with national signalling and electrical specialist JBE Group about its work providing rail signalling systems and maintenance.

Formerly Judge Bros Electrical, JBE has since 1992 worked to develop a reputation providing high quality services and turnkey solutions for all signalling and electrical industries.

Operations Manager Jack Hills tells Rail Express the JBE team strives to deliver dependable signalling and electrical systems while ensuring a cost-effective, efficient and expedient service.

“We provide complete services for signalling construction works, from turnkey finished products to conducting pre-feasibility studies, concept development, site management, construction, foundations, cable routes, decommissioning, testing and commissioning,” Hills says. “That could be for level crossings, traffic light integration, interlockings, turnouts, signals or track circuits.”

Alongside construction, the company has a strong presence in the signalling maintenance and fault response space.

“This includes civil support works, engineering, fault root cause analysis, incident investigation, refurbishment works and overhauls, asbestos removal, repairs and site acceptance testing for a range of signalling equipment including points machines, boom mechanisms, and Q-style relays,” Hills says.

On top of this, Hills says JBE – headquartered in Brisbane – can provide track protection officers competent in all Queensland networks. Officers are supplied in RCPO, PO1, PO2 and Hand signaller levels of competency. Hills notes a number of key rail contracts where the company has demonstrated its value.

JBE worked as the Principal Contractor upgrading 11 interlocking sites, commissioning 10 power equipment rooms and upgrading 200 signals to LED on the Brisbane, Cleveland and Gold Coast lines. The company’s role included principal management, construction, testing and commissioning with successful asset handover to the client.

JBE has also upgraded 200 signals on the North Coast line in Queensland, providing innovative solutions to refurbish life-expired railway signals.

Hills says JBE has “extensive experience in upgrading axle counters,” with recent works supporting the replacement of existing axle counters along the North Coast line. Furthermore, JBE performs signalling maintenance and fault response in South East Queensland intermodal and rail maintenance facilities.

“With complete maintenance scheduling, servicing and fault response our team is dedicated to the on-time running of services,” Hills says. “This service extends to asset renewal works to provide cost efficient solutions in prolonging aging technology that can still be maintained and kept safe for services.”

He concludes: “We have developed a reputation for the delivery of projects and now our clients can benefit from our team’s experience.”

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