John Holland

John Holland transforming people’s lives

  John Holland is a leader in end-to-end rail and transport solutions, from design and construction, testing and commissioning, and right through to operating and maintaining completed transport systems.
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rail maintenance Sydney

Biggest rail maintenance program to disrupt Sydney

The New South Wales rail network will be disrupted over the next year at least as the biggest coordinated program of rail maintenance ever undertaken in Sydney kicks off. Transport minister Jo Haylen said the works were part of the Sydney Rail Repair Plan, formulated in response to the recent interim recommendations made by the expert panel conducting the Sydney Trains Review. It made 12 recommendations for restoring reliability to the network after a series of failures that left thousands of passengers stranded without trains, including three in March this year alone. Read More
rail vehicle testing

Safety and reliability with rail vehicle testing

Rail vehicle testing plays a vital role in developing and operating modern railway systems. By implementing advanced test and measurement equipment, engineers and operators can gather precise data and analyse various parameters to ensure the safety, reliability and optimal performance of rail vehicles.
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