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As a world leading mobility provider and advisor, DB E.C.O. Group – with services in engineering, consulting and operations – delivers innovative and sustainable solutions for both European and broader global clients.  

Part of the Germany-based Deutsche Bahn group – the largest railway operator and infrastructure owner in Europe – DB E.C.O. provides planning, engineering, consulting, operational and asset management services to over 40 countries around the world including Australia and New Zealand. 

At the same time, it is championing zero emissions mobility solutions and technologies to help deliver on the objectives of the EU’s European Green Deal to reduce carbon emissions by promoting public transport and helping international partners solve the global threat of climate change. 

Deutsche Bahn has pooled its resources to deliver rail expertise across the three defined service areas of engineering, consulting and operations. 

A genuine full-service rail company 

Executive Director for the Australia and New Zealand hub of DB E.C.O., Mark Keogh, said a major point of difference between DB E.C.O. and other consulting rail businesses in the region is that the company offers a genuine and substantial presence across all stages of the rail project lifecycle. 

“Our combination of mobility consulting, engineering and digital expertise helps us deliver forward-looking engineering, consulting and operations services for our customers,” he said. 

“We have extensive experience in operating traditional railways, metros, fast rail and freight rail services across Europe and a growing number of countries around the world, which can help clients in Australia and New Zealand. We can assist clients across the whole project lifecycle from developing business cases and project development through to managing project delivery, systems integration, operational readiness, and asset maintenance.” 

According to DB E.C.O’s Victorian Director Tilo Franz, “the world needs strong rail”.  

“Without it, the challenges posed by globalisation, urbanisation, population growth, and especially climate change cannot be met. Rail transport is the most energy efficient form of transport,” he said.   

“DB E.C.O. has more than 5700 employees around the world with decades of experience in the full range of engineering disciplines, ready to assist with projects and provide best practice solutions. 

“Our value is clearly demonstrated when clients are faced with the challenge of integrating very complex new technology rail projects into existing brownfield transport networks. 

“We have previously helped clients operationalise projects such as Sydney Metro Northwest, Auckland City Rail Link, Melbourne Level Crossings Removal and Canberra Light Rail, and are currently providing a range of services to the Melbourne Metro, Melbourne Airport Rail Link, Geelong Fast Rail and Auckland Light Rail projects.” 

Delivering on the Deal 

DB E.C.O. is genuinely committed to the European Green Deal, aimed at turning Europe into the first climate-neutral continent, by decoupling economic growth from resource use. At the same time, it is actively promoting zero emissions solutions in collaboration with our global partners. 

For DB E.C.O., being on the cutting edge also means taking responsibility for the environment, and the company is proud of its sustainability and conservation efforts.  

“Our local zero emissions solutions team is currently providing strategic advice, technological evaluation and simulation modelling to clients in California, Brazil and Europe,” Keogh said. 

“We are able to bring real world experience to the problem, for example DB, with our partners, is currently trialling hydrogen trains on the German network and we are also investigating the potential of ammonia as a carbon-free fuel for trains. We are assisting clients to meet their legislative and corporate obligations by capitalising on the world’s best available technology. 

“Our vision is to create mobility ecosystems with zero emission from well-to-wheel.  The green transformation of the rail industry requires a range of solutions from the decarbonisation of the energy supply, the transition to zero emission vehicles, integrating transportation and logistics with smart cities and ensuring energy efficiency is a priority in infrastructure design, construction and maintenance. We adopt this wholistic approach to rail, buses and related infrastructure and operations. 

“We know the contribution that public transport can make to achieving our global COP 26 climate targets and we are committed to assisting agencies and operators to deliver truly green passenger and freight rail services either through electrification, hydrogen or other emerging technologies. As a major international provider of mobility and logistics services, DB E.C.O. is a key player in the shift to new and cleaner forms of mobility.”