Passenger Rail

Services to increase on extended Tonsley Line

Services on the Tonsley Line in Adelaide will be increased once the Flinders Link is completed, expected in December 2020.

Today, the Tonsley Line only operates on weekdays and until 7pm. Frequency is 20 minutes in the peak and 30 minutes at all other times.

When the Flinders Link extension opens, services will run until midnight and at 30 minute frequency at times outside of the peak. Peak frequencies of a service every 20 minutes will remain.

South Australian Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Corey Winegard said the new services would increase capacity by 2,200 services per year.

“We’re all about getting people from A to B faster so they can spend more time with their families and doing what they love. Public transport should be a convenience.”

The under-construction Flinders Link will extend the Tonsley Line to connect with Flinders University and the adjacent heath precinct. Two new stations are part of the project, Flinders and Tonsley stations.

Local member for Elder Carolyn Power said the services would be welcomed by the local community and those studying and working in the area.

“Residents have long called for increase services to help connect them to employment, education, community resources, medical care and recreational opportunities,” she said.

“Extended services will help reduce road congestion and travel times while also making the area more accessible for those in, and outside, the region.”