Thursday 20th Feb, 2020

Security ramp-up continues for Adelaide networks

An Adelaide Metro train at Seaford Station. Image: Luke David O'Rourke via Flickr (CC 2.0)

The South Australian Government will roll out additional security measures across the state’s public transport system from July 1.

The plan is part of the phase three rollout of the three-year Wilson Security contract signed by the previous state government in 2017. (Phase one and phase two of the contract rolled out in October 2017 and February 2018.)

The measures will implement more guards and patrols across public transport routes, including an increase in roving guards from four to 16.

These guards will move between train, tram and bus stations, interchanges and stops in order to boost security presence across the network. Vehicle patrols will also be increased to six rapid response vehicles with two security guards each to check the network at night and respond to incidents.

On-board evening guards will also continue to operate on Gawler, Seaford and Outer Harbour line services.

The news follows the announcement of $2 million in safety spending by the South Australian Government to install CCTV cameras and lighting at several stations, including Woodville, Broadmeadows, and the Adelaide Entertainment Centre tram stop.

“By having more roving guards and more rapid response units, security can be dispatched faster to respond to any incidents across our public transport network,” said Minister for Transport Stephan Knoll.

“These ‘hopper’ or roving guards will operate between trains, trams, buses, stations, stops and interchanges to deter and to deal with serious incidents for staff and customers.

“We are also using smarter, evidence-based targeting of incident hotspots to better direct security resources where they are needed most.”

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