Keep the conversation on track

Today, eight years since the inaugural Rail R U OK?Day, 100,000 rail employees from more than 120 organisations nationwide will down tools to keep the conversation on track and learn how and when to ask,“are they really OK?”

The annual event, a joint initiative of harm prevention charities the TrackSAFE Foundation and R U OK?, has seen a significant year on year growth in participation since its inception and encourages rail staff to reach out, connect and have meaningful conversations every day of the year.

In 2021, TrackSAFE and R U OK? conducted a national surveyto measure the impact of Rail R U OK?Day and the results show a positive impact to workplace culture. The Rail R U OK? 2021 Evaluation surveyed 354 employees across the industry, including rail maintenance, office staff, customer service, safety, operations and rail and train crews.

Results have found awareness of and participation in Rail R U OK?Day are very strong, with more than 99 per cent of those surveyed aware of the event, and 79 per cent of those participating in one or more ways.

Positively, the results show Rail R U OK?Day is encouraging individuals to take action to support colleagues, with 70 per cent of those who were aware of the event saying they had checked in with someone. Importantly, 99 per cent of respondents said they would be willing to help a workmate they thought could be struggling.

Rail R U OK?Day is increasing this willingness to give or seek help, with 59 per cent  more willing to ask a workmate what it is that’s troubling them, 50 per cent more willing to tell a workmate what’s troubling them if asked, and 44 per cent  more willing to seek professional help.

TrackSAFE Foundation executive director Heather Neil says talking about mental health, just like physical health, is key to changing attitudes and people’s actions.

“As an industry we are proud to champion this message. We all go through life’s ups and downs. Grief, relationship breakdowns, tough times at work or home. By reaching out to ask R U OK?, individuals can help a workmate feel supported and access appropriate help. Peer support can make a positive difference to their life. Rail R U OK?Day provides practical tools for the rail sector to empower individuals to identify the signs a colleague might not be OK and start a conversation that could change a life.

“The evaluation results, along with increased participation in Rail R U OK?Day each year confirms rail employees from across Australia and New Zealand are continuing to transform their workplaces to be supportive and connected environments, championing an R U OK? Culture every day of the year.

“But we don’t have to wait until someone’s visibly distressed or in crisis to ask how they’re really going. The best people to spot the signs someone might be struggling, are the people closest to them, including colleagues, and by asking early we can look to help the people in our world long before they are in crisis.”

R U OK? CEO. Katherine Newton said it was encouraging to see that participation in Rail R U OK?Day is helping individuals create a stronger, safe and more supportive rail industry.

“The results from the Rail R U OK? 2021 Evaluation show that Rail R U OK?Day is now more than just a day; it’s a successful year-round movement that is building the motivation, confidence and skills of individuals to have a meaningful conversation with someone who is struggling with life.”

“Not only are those in the rail industry now aware of Rail R U OK?Day, they are willing to take action to support a colleague, which is when we as individuals really can make a difference to the people in our world. Key to the success of Rail R U OK?Day has been the Rail R U OK?Day Champions who volunteer their time to help normalise R U OK? conversations in their organisation. Our champions show you don’t have to be an expert, we’ve all got what it takes to promote the importance of wellbeing, connection and build an R U OK? Culture.”


Set a date with Rail Safety Conference

There are just five days left to get yourself a ticket to RISSB’s Rail Safety Conference, where participants can engage in strategic discussions concerning the future of rail in the areas of resilience, asset management, risk management, climate change and culture. Read more

Rail safety awards deadline looms

The 2022 Rail Industry Safety and Standards Board Conference is only three weeks away, with a two-day action-packed agenda, recognised international and local speakers, and a unique and memorable dining experience at the end of day 1.

This new awards program is designed to recognise and celebrate individual and company safety achievements in the rail industry and promote diversity, excellence and innovation for the betterment of rail.

All businesses irrespective of size or stature are encouraged to enter across five award categories.

· Safety Leadership Program/Initiative

This category recognises programs within organisations that promote and improve the overall safety capability of the wider organisational leadership team (Directors, Managers and frontline Supervisors).

· Wellbeing Program Incorporating Mental Health

This category is seeking to identify and celebrate the best wellbeing program that builds resilience and belonging within the organisation and recognises the emerging challenges to the workforce.

· Industry Safety Professional of the Year

The overall achievements of a safety professional in improving the health, safety and wellbeing outcomes within a team or organisation.

· Safety Initiative by a Young Rail Employee (Under 30)

This award is for excellence and innovation and will be granted to an eligible young rail worker in the rail industry to recognise and encourage their contribution to the field of safety.

· Worker Improvement Outcome

This category seeks to identify a worker who has championed safety protection arrangements either as a Protection Officer, Depot Protection or similar, to provide exemplary safety outcomes for their co-workers over the past 12 months.


The RISSB Rail Safety Awards are open to any individual working in the rail industry and organisation operating in or affiliated with rail in Australia and New Zealand.

Nominations can be made by the nominee themselves or by another person/party.

Complete the nomination form and send in supporting documentation to by 5PM Monday, 18 April.

Please use the words SAFETY AWARDS 22 in the subject line.

The finalists of each category will be invited to attend the Rail Safety Conference dinner on Tuesday, 3 May where the winners will be announced.