Friday 25th Sep, 2020

Safety drives new look for Auckland train

Photo: Auckland Transport

Auckland Transport has unveiled a newly-wrapped train as part of a wider safety campaign for its passenger rail network.

The operator this week revealed the new wrap for one of its electric trains, designed by artists Flox and Trustme, to incorporate the safety message ‘Look Both Ways’, which can be read regardless of which way the train is moving.

“We want to get the message across that two tracks can mean two trains,” AT group manager for metro services Stacey van der Putten said.

“Our electric trains can travel at speed and are very quiet.”

The wrap design includes a flock of flying wax-eye birds in different stances, looking both left and right, with the safety message incorporated into the design.

“These birds are abundant in both urban and suburban backyards and show that connection as these trains take passengers both to and from a suburban or rural setting to an urban one,” artist Flox explained.

The train went into service on Wednesday morning, July 17.

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