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SA preserves land for rail corridor


The State Government will preserve a corridor of land for a potential future extension of the Seaford rail line to Aldinga, ensuring there are long-term options for expanding public transport in South Australia.

The move reverses the decision taken under the former  Liberal Government to pursue private development of part of the land, which would have terminated any future rail prospects.

In October 2021, Renewal SA began a process to secure a private development partner for a 60-hectare site at Aldinga.

The reserved rail corridor runs directly through the earmarked land parcel.

Renewal SA has now terminated its Request for Proposal process for the Aldinga site. All affected proponents have been notified.

Renewal SA will work with the Department of Infrastructure and Transport regarding requirements for the reserved rail corridor before embarking on a new market process for the remaining land.

The decision also affects plans for a 3.8ha block neighbouring Cardijn College Galilee for an expansion of the school. Renewal SA will now work with representatives from the College regarding alternative solutions for the school’s expansion.

Although there are no plans in the next decade to build a train extension to Aldinga, this decision leaves open the option to pursue this in the 2030s.

The immediate focus of the government is the duplication of Main South Road and Victor Harbor Road.

Premier Peter Malinauskas said preserving this land for a future rail extension ensured long term options in the future.

“Selling off this land for private development now means we would not have the option to pursue a rail extension in future years,” he said.

“That’s short-term thinking and I am pleased we have been able to preserve this land for future generations.”