Road gets almost double rail funding: BTRE

<p>Rail gets more state funding than other modes, but still only receives around half the total investment of roads.</p> <p>The Bureau of Transport and Regional Economics Australian Transport Statistics show that state government funding in rail was $2.3bn in 1999&#472000, compared to roads $1.2bn.</p> <p>However, the only other investment rail received was a $112m from the Federal Government and $92m from the private sector, giving it a total of around $2.5bn.</p> <p>Road got $627m from the Federal Government, $1.1bn from private industry and $1.5bn from local government during the same period. </p> <p>Total roads investment was at least $4.4bn, with the report saying the Commonwealth figure could have been higher.</p> <p>Rail only carried 508,000 tonnes of freight in 1999&#472000, compared to road’s 1.4m tonnes, however in million tonne kilometres, rail’s task was 134,200 to road’s 128,702.</p> <br />