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Ricardo Rail: continued growth in Australian rail industry 

ricardo growth

Ricardo Rail has established itself as a prominent and expanding premium engineering consultancy business, consolidating its Australian presence and growth with recent successes across most capital cities across the country.

Ricardo’s comprehensive range of services encompass rolling stock engineering, advisory services for operations and maintenance, systems engineering, safety assurance and certification, asset optimisation, and sustainability in the transport sector.  

The company’s recent achievements in securing new projects and expanding its scope of services into the transport industry by leveraging its broader environment and energy and strategic business case and economic modelling capability has further solidified its position in the rail market.   

Ricardo Rail  ANZ managing director Jason Ward said the vision for growth was to expand geographically across Australia, reaching new territories and contributing expertise and know-how to various transport projects across the region.

“We aim to bring our worldwide expertise and service offerings to our customers to meet their evolving needs within the industry’s ever-changing landscape,” he said. 

“We are dedicated to delivering innovative and efficient solutions that not only benefit our clients but also contribute to the larger goal of a greener and more efficient transport sector.” 

An example of Ricardo’s innovation is the application of its Business Management Framework (BMF) tool deployed on several defence projects, including with NASA, for a global view and control of large scale infrastructure projects.

The BMF tool provides a platform for an Integrated Data Environment (IDE) as a single source of truth for all team members working on mission critical complex systems.  

Other areas of innovative products, solutions and services include :

  • Ricardo fleet monitoring tool 
  • ISA requirement management and traceability tool 
  • Ricardo energy simulation model 
  • Ricardo alternative traction power research and test facilities in Shoreham. UK