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Report highlights importance of industry, university cooperation

Research importance - Photo public domain / Christopher Pyne

Minister for education Christopher Pyne says a new report from the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering will help measure the engagement between researchers and industry members.

“The findings of this report highlight the importance of collaboration between researchers and the industry,” Pyne said on Thursday.

ATSE’s report, Research Engagement for Australia, looks to establish a set of metrics which can quantify the level of take-up within an industry of academic research and development.

The report finds that while good research is an important condition for innovation, it is not sufficient to ensure that innovation occurs; industry cooperation is a crucial component, as well.

“One of the key goals of the associated Boosting the Commercial Returns from Research strategy is to create stronger incentives for university-industry collaboration,” Pyne said.

“Translating research results into the best social and economic outcomes is an important part of the Government’s Industry Innovation and Competitiveness Agenda.

“The metrics developed in the Research Engagement for Australia report have the potential to increase the return on public investment in science, technology, engineering and maths research as well as research in humanities and social sciences.

“ATSE’s work provides encouragement to researchers to engage with industry,” the minister continued.

“What it does not explicitly do is encourage industry to engage with universities. I urge business leaders to meet researchers at least halfway – to engage with them more often, and more deeply, and to bridge the gap which currently exists between the two sectors.”

He concluded: “The Government is committed to ensuring that Australia has a well-functioning research sector as it is vital to our productivity and our future.”

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