Report calls for more investment in grain supply infrastructure

<p>The New South Wales Grains Infrastructure Advisory Committee has called for greater investment in country rail and road infrastructure to support emerging competition in the grain industry.</p> <p>The committee has released its final report for public comment before the state government develops its response.</p> <p>The report looks at future road and rail infrastructure needs for grain transport in NSW.</p> <p>The committee’s chairman, Vince Graham, said greater competition in the grain industry has resulted in increased road haulage.</p> <p>"In the 2003 harvest, with all 15 restricted rail lines open, there was more than 700,000 additional tonnes of grain transported over longer distances by road than the previous year," he said.</p> <p>"The creation of grain super sites will force up to 1m tonnes of grain per harvest onto regional roads."</p> <p>The committee found that total costs for upgrading rail is a maximum of $128.7m compared to $105.6m for road upgrading.</p> <p>Public comment on the report is open until March 31.</p> <br />