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Renewed focus on NSW north coast level crossings

New South Wales Police will be conducting increased patrols of level crossings on the state’s mid north coast, with a particular focus on level crossings between Melinga and Taree.

Police will be conducting regular patrols of level crossings in the region between November 7 and 18.

“Failing to stop at a level crossing or queuing across a railway line can have devastating consequences and this government is doing everything it can to ensure drivers are not taking risks at level crossings,” local member for Myall Lakes Stephen Bromhead said.

“The level crossing enforcement campaign is all about saving lives and preventing injuries but we need drivers to play their part.”

Bromhead is urging drivers to obey road rules around level crossings and not rush when navigating across them.

NSW Traffic and Highway Patrol Command Senior Sergeant Mick Timms added: “Even though collisions between trains and road vehicles can be catastrophic, too many motorists take risks around level crossings, which is why the NSW Police Force partners with the Centre for Road Safety at Transport for NSW to target dangerous behaviour.

“Road users need to be reminded to take extreme care at level crossings – because a single moment of distraction or recklessness could cost them their life.”