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Remote-controlled light rail lifting

Since 2011, IKON Lifting Equipment has become well-known for its innovative approaches to wagon lifting, and recently to locomotives with mobile battery-powered wireless column lifts.  

Success in all states has been related to coal, grain or ore wagons and IKON is now focussing on passenger rail applications. 

One exciting product it is distributing is the MCHW20 Mobile Column Lift, a device that is designed for lifting light rail units using wireless communication.  

The MACH Series lift system is the faster and easier choice for maintenance facilities. The set-up time and lifting speed beats competitors, with fewer steps required by the technician to put the lift in service.  

The models use a remote which allows the user to move around the bay to more closely observe the lift operation. 

The versatile wireless mobile column lifts give users the option of not being tied to a bay. Easy-to-use design gives techs the option to control lift from any column. 

With this freedom, repairs can be made anywhere in the shop. The battery operation with on-board charger also means there are no power cords to clutter up the service bay.  

The MCHW20 comes in three configurations: four, six or eight columns, and can lift up to 160,000 lbs. 

They accept a variety of adapters and boast AC or DC power options. 

Although the MACHs originated from the US, the designs registered in Australia are in compliance with Australian Standards. 

The large, solid base lifting pad offers maximum stability under load, and there are universal carriages for custom pick-up adapters for use in special conditions such as lifting of rolling stock or light rail. 

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