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Redefining CBTC options for Automated Metros in Australia

With more than half the world’s automated metros are now in operation in China, there has been significant development of world class technology with Traffic Control Technology (TCT) an experienced supplier of automated metro CBTC technology globally.

After delivering 65 metros in 15 years, the result for clients is a more reliable service for passengers from day one and application of a proven, next generation, innovative technology with the highest security.

To enable the massive expansion of automated metros over the past decade, TCT’s focus on standardisation has delivered:

  • interoperability between suppliers and systems;
  • faster project delivery (giving greater certainty at reduced cost);
  • reduced integration risks

TCT is pleased to be able to offer this technology and experience in Australia for the first time.

Yingming Niu, chief expert and founding director for TCT, based in Sydney, explained the system in greater detail.

“Systems provided by TCT are fully compliant with all European and other international CBTC standards and requirements,” she said.

TCT’s products adhere strictly to a variety of international standards, encompassing IEEE1474.1-4, IEC62290 1-3, IEC62243, PDCLCTS50701, IEC62267, and more.

Regarding the FAO standard, in comparison to IEC 62290, TCT’s product features 18 innovative new functions and enhances five existing functions. Particularly noteworthy is that TCT’s product surpasses the requirements set by IEC 62290-3, where most of the optional or even inapplicable functions outlined in this standard are mandatory within TCT’s system.

On the foundation of meeting high standards, TCT further explores the potential of achieving interoperability in CBTC systems.

As the leading party, TCT implemented the interoperable CBTC (I-CBTC) system for the first time in the Chongqing Interoperability Demonstration Project, enabling cross-line operation across four routes in 2021.

Under the guidance of the China Urban Rail Transit Association, TCT took the lead in formulating and releasing 17 interoperable CBTC standards, and led other mainstream manufacturers to adhere to these standards, effectively ensured the smooth implementation of interoperable CBTC system for co-line and cross-line operations.

Subsequently, as the leading entity, TCT spearheaded the successful implementation of the interoperable Fully Automatic Operation (I-FAO) system across the Beijing Daxing Airport Line, Line 17, Line 19, Line 3, and Line 12, collaborating with other manufacturers.

Niu explained further.

“The Interoperable-Fully Automatic Operation system excels in optimising resource allocation for lines and vehicles, resulting in notable cost savings in both construction and operation,” she said.

“TCT is a leading global CBTC provider with a client-centric approach. We are a reliable and experienced supplier, offering innovative, interoperable solutions with local support.”