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Redefining CBTC options for Automated Metros in Australia

Since its inception, Traffic Control Technology Co. Ltd. (TCT) has been dedicated to providing high-quality train operation control systems for rail transit.

Continuously striving for excellence, the company focuses on details and consistent improvement, adhering to a meticulous management philosophy. By applying advanced technology and enforcing strict quality control processes, it ensures that every product, from design and production to delivery, meets the industry’s standards and satisfies clients’ high expectations.

According to the latest data from the Beijing Subway Operating Company, TCT‘s products stood out for its exceptional reliability, making them leaders in the industry.

After rigorous evaluation, TCT ranked second in annual assessment scores among competitors. Moreover, it won first place with the lowest failure rate. These achievements highlight TCT’s outstanding performance and strong technical capabilities in the rail transit sector.

Additionally, TCT has always adhered to the development concept of technological innovation, dedicating itself to the detailed cultivation of the rail transit industry. Breaking through the technological monopoly of foreign companies to achieve the first domestic application of an autonomous CBTC system, TCT continuously innovates, evolving its system products from the third generation CBTC to the most advanced sixth-generation AVCOS.

Its latest intelligent train product, AutoTrain, with world-leading innovative concepts and designs such as personalised rail transit spaces, integrated vehicle signal control, perception-based autonomous operation, and virtual coupling control, and intelligent maintenance, has won the German iF Design Award.

On the path of technological innovation, TCT has repeatedly achieved breakthroughs in advanced technology, leading the industry’s development and demonstrating the company’s strong capabilities and forward-looking perspective in technology research and development.

TCT believes that its expertise in rail transit and its spirit of continuous innovation, it will contribute significantly to the development of urban transportation in Australia, offering safer, more convenient, and comfortable travel services.

TCT’s success is not only a victory for technological innovation but also a testament to its commitment to quality and strategic foresight. Moving forward, the company will continue to be guided by user requirements and driven by technological innovation, constantly exploring and breaking new ground to bring interoperable, faster delivery, and highly reliable solutions to the global rail transit industry.