Wednesday 19th Jun, 2019

Real time tracking pushed to SEQ commuters

Queensland Rail train. Photo:

The addition of more than 2,000 datapoints is now allowing for enhanced live tracking of trains for Queensland Rail’s passenger information smartphone app.

Queensland Rail on Monday April 8 turned on real-time information for train services across the South East, with data fed through to the MyTransLink app for commuters.

The improved tracking information is provided by 2,670 track check points across the network, up from the previous 447.

“Previously, the data feeding to the app was only able to provide a train’s location if it was at a platform or at a mid-point between stations,” QR executive general manager for customer service and innovation Natalie Roach said.

The addition of extra data points allows for a smoother transition as a train progresses through its journey.

“We know quality, timely travel information is incredibly important for customers, particular if it means they can spend a few more minutes at home with the family or finishing up that last work email of the day.”

Roach said the operator is committed to actively listening to customer feedback, holding more than 100 commuter feedback events since April 2017.

“Earlier this week, we announced 32 extra weekly services and 14,000 seats would be added to the SEQ network from 13 May, in direct response to customer feedback,” she said.

“This adds to the extra 46,000 weekly seats added to network through the upgrade of 193 three-carriage trains to six-carriages in December, thanks to the ongoing rollout of the New Generation Rollingstock fleet, of which 51 new trains are now in-service.”

Queensland Rail is planning further timetable improvements in 2019, thanks to its traincrew recruitment campaign, the largest in the organisation’s history.

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