Rail to return to West Swanson Dock

<p>The rail connection to P&#38O Ports’ West Swanson Dock terminal in Melbourne will be restored. </p> <p>The $20m project will be completed by the end of the year.</p> <p>Melbourne handles about 20% of its total throughput by rail, and P&#38O Ports depends on road to move containers to the Dynon rail terminals.</p> <p>Victorian ports minister Candy Broad said that the State Government wants to increase rail handling of box traffic to 30% by 2010.</p> <p>The original rail line into West Swanson was removed in the early 1990s because its position interfered with container operations. </p> <p>The new West Swanson rail project will involve construction by Melbourne Port Corporation (MPC) of a 1,500-metre dual-gauge rail track along an existing rail reservation on the south side of Footscray Road, from Appleton Dock rail to the west side of Dock Link Road. </p> <p>The MPC will also build a dual-gauge siding east of Dock Link road for shunting trains. </p> <p>P&#38O TransAustralia will build an intermodal terminal on the west side of Dock Link Road to Dahlenburg Street. </p> <p>The MPC also plans to call for tenders to build a rail link to the Victoria Dock redevelopment. </p> <p>The Victoria Dock railhead will be suitable for shorthaul shuttle operators as well as longhaul trains. </p> <br />