Rail speed reduced at site of Adelaide horror crash

<p>The Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) has introduced temporary speed restrictions near the Park Terrace level crossing at Salisbury, where four people were killed last week. </p> <p>An independent investigator from the Australian Transport Safety Bureau this week began an inquiry into the rail safety aspects of the smash.</p> <p>Transport South Australia and the police are also investigating.</p> <p>Four people died and 26 were injured when the Ghan smashed into a bus and a car trapped on the track in a traffic jam last Thursday.</p> <p>The Ghan was travelling on the ARTC-owned standard gauge Adelaide-Crystal Brook main line. </p> <p>A car reportedly stalled on the track and the driver fled.</p> <p>But a bus carrying adults and school children was blocked behind the traffic barriers and remained in the path of the train.</p> <p>The speed of trains on the ARTC main line through the Adelaide crossing will be lowered from 110 km&#47h to 50 km&#47h during the investigation.</p> <p>ARTC general manager operations Denise McMillan said the speed was reduced in response to the State Government’s efforts to improve local road conditions in the area, which has seen a large growth in traffic flow in recent years.</p> <p>"We welcome the State Government’s initiative to review immediately and upgrade the road safety procedures at this location," Ms McMillan said.</p> <p>However, the Salisbury City Council wants a permanent speed limit of 60km&#47h.</p> <p>"Speed limits through urban areas should be reduced," Salisbury major Tony Zappla said.</p> <p>The crossing is a notoriously hazardous spot, with vehicles forced to stop there because of congestion on Park Terrace.</p> <p>Some motorists are now treating it with caution, but others are still waiting on the tracks this week.</p> <p>Ray Hancox, secretary of the state Rail, Bus and Tram Unon, said motorists take too many risks at level crossings and said reduced train speeds are not the answer.</p> <br />