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Rail lobby demands level crossing penalty reform

<p>The Australasian Railway Association has taken state, territory and federal governments to task on &#8220inconsistent and inadequate&#8221 penalties for level crossing rules breaches.</p> <p>&#8220Penalties are ridiculously low and so not reflect the potential for a catastrophic accident that illegal driving behaviour can cause at a level crossing,&#8221 chief executive Brian Nye said in a letter to transport ministers made public yesterday (Monday, May 14). </p> <p>Mr Nye pointed out that, given Australian Road Rules had been adopted nationally, penalties should be similar across the states and territories but were not.</p> <p>The danger was magnified when trucks were involved.</p> <p>&#8220The potential for a catastrophe involving loss of many lives and the significant economic consequences of illegal driving behaviour, especially by heavy vehicles make action on this matter increasingly urgent,&#8221 Mr Nye said, urging a review.</p> <br />