Rail increases box share at Fremantle

<p>The number of containers carried by rail between Fremantle’s inner harbour and Kewdale has increased substantially with the onset of management arrangements, the Western Australian Government has claimed.</p> <p>State planning and infrastructure minister Alannah McTiernan said if the rail container volumes achieved in January continued for the next 11 months, rail’s share for the year would 50% above last year’s figure.</p> <p>The improvements are because of more flexible rail schedules at the North Quay rail terminal and recent changes to shipping services, she said.</p> <p>Increased use of rail to move containers to and from Fremantle port is a key element of the government’s metropolitan freight network review.</p> <p>The review targetted an increase in the number of boxes moved by rail from last year’s 3% to 15% in four years and up to 30% within 10 years.</p> <p>This target forms part of the agreement Fremantle Ports is now finalising with Toll SPD and Patrick to manage the North Quay rail terminal.</p> <p>Toll&#47Patrick will also have an operating agreement with P&#38O ports for joint operation of the terminal, the government said.</p> <p>A new rail terminal and a new rail loop into North Quay will enable it to accommodate longer trains </p> <br />