Rail funding ready to flow: Anderson

<p>Transport minister John Anderson has given the first real indication that significant rail infrastructure spending will soon begin.</p> <p>Responding to a question last week, Mr Anderson said once reforms are achieved with New South Wales, "very substantial resources of the order that the member for Hinkler has referred to as being necessary, as has the reportage that he and his committee have engaged in in the past, will be released from a combination of sources".</p> <p>The member for Hinkler is Paul Neville, who has chaired a number of inquiries on rail. </p> <p>One report recommended an additional $2.75bn be spent on Australia’s interstate network over the next 13 years, with $750m being allocated in the first three years to fix the worst deficiencies of the national track.</p> <p>Mr Anderson said track investment will come from a mix of Commonwealth funding, the Australian Rail Track Corporation and the private sector which has displayed "a strong willingness to invest in rail provided they know that there will be a return on their investment".</p> <br />