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Rail crash investigation will be speedy

<p>Findings from the investigation into the Hunter Valley train crash last week are expected to be released publicly within a matter of days.</p> <p>A spokesman for CityRail said the inquiry will be completed very quickly and the report widely circulated.</p> <p>NSW rail safety regulator Kent Donaldson is conducting the investigation.</p> <p>In the accident on Friday, a passenger train collided with a derailed Pacific National coal train near Hexham and nine people required hospital treatment. </p> <p>No one was seriously injured.</p> <p>The derailment took place seven minutes before the passenger train arrived and the media has raised the question why its driver did not receive a warning.</p> <p>The investigation will include whether a key recommendation of the Glenbrook report relating to two-way radios had been ignored.</p> <p>After reviewing the 1999 tragedy in which seven people died, Justice Peter McInerney said all trains &#8211 freight and passenger &#8211 must by connected to the same radio frequency for emergency communication.</p> <br />