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Rail bridge design plans complete

The initial designs have been completed for a steel truss bridge to support a second train track over Eumemmerring Creek in Dandenong South.

The proposed design would see no foundations or pillars dug into the waterway, and no modifications made to the existing single-track bridge at Eumemmerring Creek.

The bridge is designed to be assembled on site, with many parts to be prefabricated at an off-site location, reducing the time and space needed for construction. The new, duplicated bridge will be constructed to the west side of the current bridge and measure 65 metres in length.

Works at Eumemmerring Creek will start in 2020, as part of the Cranbourne Line Upgrade which involves eight kilometres of new track lain next to the existing line in order to enable more reliable and frequent trains.

Other line upgrade works in the Dandenong South area include removing the level crossing at Greens Road and duplicating a rail bridge at Abbotts Road.

Protecting the creek’s ecosystem has been a major focus for the team of engineers and designers working through design options for the Eumemmerring Creek site.

According to the Level Crossing Removal Project, expert ecologists and arborists were engaged to identify sensitive plants and animals. The construction team has devised a detailed plan to ensure fauna and fauna are protected during construction.

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