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Queensland message to rail trespassers

Queensland Rail has launched a new safety campaign that aims to reduce the number of people who are dicing with death and trespassing on the Queensland Rail network.

CCTV footage showing people brazenly trespassing on Queensland Rail property has been released with the campaign as a stark reminder of the dangers of the unsafe behaviour, which not only puts lives at risk but causes thousands of delays to train passengers each year.

Queensland Rail Security and Emergency Preparedness senior manager Drew Brock said there were nearly 3000 trespassing incidents (2913) on the Queensland Rail network in the last financial year (2021/2022) and that was not good enough.

“Our message is clear: Stay off the tracks! Trespassing is not worth risking your life,” Mr Brock said.

“The number of people who trespass on the network is extremely concerning and has increased from last year, which is why Queensland Rail is urging customers to keep safety at the forefront of their minds.

“Of those 2913 trespassing incidents, 192 were near misses with our trains. These people are dicing with death.

“Not only is this risky behaviour, but it’s extremely inconvenient to thousands of people.

“We want everyone in the community to get home safely, including our train drivers and customers, which is why it’s important for members of the community to only cross railway tracks at designated crossings where it’s safe to do so.

“In the last financial year, trespassing incidents resulted in 3006 delays to our train services in South East Queensland.”

Brock said Queensland Rail’s new safety campaign is called “A Hole Lot Of Regret,” targeting all trespassers, but particularly teenagers.

“Common motives for trespassing include taking short-cuts across railway tracks and between station platforms as well anti-social behaviour such as vandalism,” he said.

“This nail-biting vision shows near misses with trains, which is distressing for our drivers and has a lasting impact on them. It’s not worth risking your life to make that approaching train, please just wait for the next one.

“The CCTV also shows people crossing the tracks ‘for fun’ or to even pick up an item.

“There are other instances where a bike and skateboard pass over the yellow line when a train is approaching. The vision makes it clear how easily this can all go wrong, so we ask that everyone to stay behind the yellow line until your train has stopped, for everybody’s safety.”

Brock said trains on the network can travel at speeds of up to 160 kilometres per hour, can take up to two kilometres to stop, and can’t swerve to avoid cars or people.

“By illegally accessing prohibited areas of the rail network, trespassers are risking electrocution from the high voltage overhead lines or being struck by a train,” he said.

“If you don’t get killed, you will get caught. We have around 12,000 CCTV cameras across the network, a dedicated team of Police railway squad officers, authorised officers and private security guards,” he said.

Watch the video.