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QR’s Hockridge presses home level crossing safety message

<p>QR will continue to push its level crossing safety message despite a body blow from Australasian Railway Association’s national rail level crossing study.</p> <p>Despite numerous and ongoing messages and plans, the study showed one in four Australian road users engaged in risky behaviour at level crossings.</p> <p>QR chief executive Lance Hockridge last week used results to highlight the challenges in educating motorists and pedestrians about the need for improved safety at rail level crossings.</p> <p>Roy Morgan Research surveyed more than 4,400 Australians who had used a rail level crossing in the past six months for the study and 24% of participants said they had illegally used a rail level crossing at some point, including crossing when they could see a train coming and not stopping at a stop sign.</p> <p>The research also found one in five people had crossed a rail level crossing and had not known until after the event.</p> <p>Mr Hockridge said the study’s findings were worrying and underscored that rail level crossings made for one of the most serious safety challenges faced by Australia’s rail system.</p> <p>&#8220This research supports the focus of our public safety campaigns in Queensland in recent years under our RailSmart program, and that we’ve got to keep working hard to reinforce the safety message,&#8221 he said.</p> <p>&#8220The people surveyed identified driver inattentiveness and impatience as the greatest factors contributing to increased risk at rail level crossings.&#8221</p> <br />