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QR looks to Linfox and FCL for future expansion

<p>Queensland Rail has confirmed that it is in the market to buy the Linfox transport business in an attempt to strengthen its competitive position following Toll Holdings’ takeover of Patrick Corp.</p> <p>QR chief executive Bob Scheuber told the <em>Sydney Morning Herald</em> that his company has had discussions with a number of significant players and Linfox was one of them.</p> <p>"We’d be happy to have further discussions," he said.</p> <p>QR also wants to buy Melbourne freight forwarder FCL, for which Patrick had made an acceptable bid.</p> <p>The <em>SMH </em> said Linfox had effectively been in play since Patrick talked with Fox family patriarch Lindsay Fox in an attempt to buy his group and so fend off the Toll takeover. </p> <p>Patrick is believed to have valued Linfox at $800m.</p> <br />