Monday 21st Jan, 2019

QLD transport officers trialling body cameras

Photo: Queensland Rail

Queensland’s public transport operator TransLink has equipped a number of its senior network officers (SNOs) in a four-week trial, ostensibly in an effort to increase safety for members of the public and TransLink employees.

TransLink currently employs 58 SNOs combat fare evasion and to maintain security across the South East Queensland network. They are authorised to issue warnings, infringement notices and fines for public transport offences, including travelling without a valid ticket.

State transport minister Mark Bailey said there was evidence that the utilisation of body cameras would help increase the safety of passengers and staff.

“These cameras have been successfully deployed by a range of frontline workers across the state including the Queensland Police Service,” Bailey said.

“The ability to review footage will be used to improve safety on TransLink services as well as assist with the availability of video evidence.”

The SNOs will activate their body camera to record footage while they are excising their authorised powers during interactions with passengers, including situations in which members of the public are requested to provide personal information or are directed to leave the transport service.

“They can also turn on video recording when they suspect an offense may be occurring,” Bailey said.

SNOs using the cameras and staff accessing the recorded footage will reportedly receive specialised training to ensure the trial is carried out in accordance with privacy standards and legislative requirements.

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