Qld rail corridor report completes investigation

<p>A Queensland Government report into a high-speed rail link between Toowoomba and Helidon has been released for public comment.</p> <p>The new route is part of the Gowrie-Grandchester rail corridor study and it completes the final stage of a long-term investigation into providing a high standard rail service between Brisbane and Toowoomba.</p> <p>Queensland transport minister Steve Bredhauer said the proposed corridor had the lowest level of impact on property owners and the environment and would be the least expensive to construct.</p> <p>"The preferred corridor will eliminate the steep and slow curves along the current route," he said.</p> <p>It will include a 6.3-km tunnel between the outskirts of Toowoomba and Wetalla.</p> <p>The report will be open for comment until February 2003.</p> <br />