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PWI NSW Awards

It has been a busy period for PWI with the highlight to start the year being the PWI NSW awards night.  This event was a chance to celebrate the year it was and turn the organisations attention to 2024 and what lies ahead.

The PWI NSW Awards evening was a celebration of the works and projects achieved within New South Wales’s rail industry. This event recognised the passion, dedication, and excellence exhibited by individuals and organisations.

The 2023 PWI Ken Erickson Innovation Award was bestowed upon Future Maintenance Technologies ARIIS, acknowledging its ground- breaking contributions and innovative solutions shaping the future of rail maintenance and operations.

Sione Tuitakau from Quickway was honoured with the 2023 PWI Welders Award in the welding category, celebrating his exceptional craftsmanship and commitment to quality in the welding discipline.

The Central Coast Civil Team’s maintenance practices were recognised with the 2023 PWI Alan Barham Maintenance Award, highlighting their crucial role in ensuring the safe and efficient operation of rail assets.

The 2023 PWI Steve Maxwell Award winners exemplified outstanding project delivery across various scales and scopes. Next Rail Sydney Terminal Hurstville Crossover (Major Under $3M), Abergeldie – Southern Highlands Overtaking Early Works Werai (Minor), and Sydney Trains Linden To Lawson Derailment (Platelaying) were all celebrated for their achievements in project management, teamwork, and execution.

In the design category, GHD’s Penrith Resignalling + Remodelling project was honoured with the 2023 PWI Design Award below $ 1 million, while AGJV Sydney Metro Bankstown Corridor took home the award for projects over $ 1 million, showcasing innovative and cost-effective design solutions.

Finally, the 2023 Electrical Safety & Quality Award was presented to Sydney Trains South Territory Network Maintenance, acknowledging its commitment to upholding and advancing the industry’s electrical safety and quality standards.

The PWI NSW Awards evening was a testament to the continued passion and dedication of rail industry professionals in New South Wales. Their relentless pursuit of excellence, innovation, and collaboration drives the delivery of world-class rail projects and services across the state. 

The Awards evening not only served as a platform to honour the achievements within New South Wales’s rail industry but also underscored the collaborative spirit and technological advancements propelling the sector to new heights. It was a night when the rail community came together in a spirit of camaraderie and mutual respect to celebrate the strides made in enhancing rail transport’s efficiency, safety, and reliability. Each award, chosen by a panel of industry experts, reflected a commitment to excellence beyond project completion. It highlighted innovative approaches, sustainable practices, and a forward-thinking mindset essential in addressing the complex challenges of modern rail systems. The event also allowed professionals to network, exchange ideas, and inspire one another, further fostering a culture of continuous improvement and innovation within the industry. 

Executive Breakfast – 9th May 2024

The upcoming PWI Breakfast, scheduled for May 9th at the Fullerton Hotel, promises to be enlightening for rail industry professionals. With Josh Murray, Secretary of Transport for NSW, as the keynote speaker, attendees can anticipate an event filled with discussions on the future of transportation in New South Wales. Murray’s expertise and leadership in transport are expected to shed light on new initiatives, technological advancements, and strategic plans to enhance the state’s rail infrastructure. This event offers an opportunity for professionals to gain insights, engage in meaningful conversations, and connect with peers over shared interests and challenges. The breakfast is a forum for discussion and an occasion to foster collaboration and innovation within the industry.

50th Anniversary of PWI NSW 

The event will feature distinguished speakers, workshops, and interactive sessions to explore the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities facing the rail sector. This event is a celebration of the past 50 years and a forward-looking platform that aims to shape the future of rail transport in New South Wales and beyond. It’s an occasion to honour the industry’s achievements while setting the stage for the next era of innovation and growth.