Push to extend Sydney light rail

<p>Sydney lord mayor Clover Moore favours extending Sydney’s light rail network, with a $200m route taking passengers from Central Station through the CBD along George Street to Circular Quay.</p> <p>Ms Moore told the <em>Sun-Herald</em> that state infrastructure minister Craig Knowles supprted the extension.</p> <p>Mr Knowles is expected to put proposals for extending the light rail system through the system on exhibition this month for public comment.</p> <p>A light rail expansion would provide much needed public transport in the city, Ms Moore was quoted as saying.</p> <p>"The new links could be financed by the $200m collected by the New South Wales Government through its CBD parking levies," she said.</p> <p>The George Street route has more support than a Castlereagh Street alternative, she said.</p> <br />