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Punctuality up across the board in Victoria

Melbourne Tram. Photo:

Public Transport Victoria boss Jeroen Weimar has praised Metro Trains Melbourne for hitting a 12-month high for service punctuality in September, after implementing a new timetable with 30 extra services.

Metro delivered 92.8% of services on time in September, up from the 90.2% 12-month average, and the highest mark since at least September last year.

“We’re seeing a continuing trend of better punctuality on our metropolitan trains, and with stronger contracts being introduced later this year we expect Metro to continue to provide a better service for our passengers,” Weimar said.

“This is the first full month of the new Metro timetable, with 30 extra weekly services providing room for an additional 27,000 passenger trips at the busiest times of the day.”

The Sandringham line was the most punctual in September, with 95.3% of services running on time, while the Cranbourne line set the lowest mark, at just 84.7%.

Weimar also praised V/Line for 87.1% punctuality in September, the highest mark since October last year. The country operator also introduced a new timetable in September, with 151 additional weekly services.

“V/Line is now running more than 2,000 regular services every week for the first time in its history, and it’s pleasing to see this has been achieved alongside an increase in on time running,” Weimar reflected.

“On-time performance on the Warrnambool line is progressively improving each month and as more level crossing upgrades are completed, temporary speed restrictions can be removed…”

90.0% of Warrnambool line services were on time, up from a woeful 12-month average of just 50.7%.

Melbourne’s tram network also had a good month, with 84.5% of services on time, up two percentage points on the 12-month average, and the highest mark since January.

“This is a great result for passengers, and shows that Yarra Trams are capable of meeting tougher performance thresholds being introduced later this year to run 82% of services on time,” Weimar said.

“Yarra Trams operate for the most part in a shared environment with vehicles on the biggest tram network in the world, and the new contract will deliver $81.5 million in maintenance works every year to improve reliability.”