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Port of Newcastle to examine cleaner coal technology

<p>The world’s biggest coal port will help fund a four-year study into clean coal technology as the environmental and political cost of climate change becomes an increasingly timely issue for governments.</p> <p>The Newcastle Port Corporation will fund the $200,000 study in partnership with the University of Newcastle as a new report puts further emphasis on the value of coal exports to the port.</p> <p>The state government has ruled out supporting a Newcastle City Council vote last month to cap coal exports from the port, with the Hunter Valley Research Foundation (HVRF) study released yesterday (Monday, December 4) valuing the port’s trade at $8.8bn in 2005&#4706.</p> <p>The study, commissioned by New South Wales ports minister Joe Tripodi, found that the port’s coal exports were worth about $6bn, while non-coal products were worth $2.8bn.</p> <p>Mr Tripodi said the university study was in recognition of the need to find &#8220smarter&#8221 methods for coal use.</p> <p>&#8220The NSW Government is pursuing measures to ensure we retain the benefits of our successful coal industry while at the same time taking steps to reduce the greenhouse emissions associated with coal-fired electricity generation,&#8221 Mr Tripodi said. </p> <p>The study will look at chemical looping combustion, which aims to capture carbon dioxide produced during coal combustion.</p> <br />