Port of Melbourne trials long trains

<p>The Victorian department of transport and the Port of Melbourne Corporation have begun a trial involving the marshalling of freight trains up to 1.5km in length within the port precinct.</p> <p>Victorian transport minister Peter Batchelor said the trial would create greater efficiency at the port of Melbourne and reduce the time it takes to move goods between Melbourne and Adelaide.</p> <p>"Helping rail users like Patrick Portlink and P&#38O Trans move freight faster and more efficiently will ultimately benefit cargo owners and end users," he said.</p> <p>The marshalling will take place within the port precinct because Melbourne has limited number of places where it could be performed.</p> <p>Marshalling will take place after 7.30 pm daily, to help minimise disruption to other port users.</p> <p>During the marshalling process, the Appleton Dock Road and Enterprise Road level crossings will be closed temporarily to all road traffic, except emergency vehicles.</p> <p>The trial is expected to last four weeks, and is being supported by the Port of Melbourne Corporation, the Australian Rail Track Corporation, Pacific National, Patrick Portlink and P&#38O Trans.</p> <p>"Should the trial prove to be a success, we will be one step closer to achieving the Bracks Government’s target of moving 30% of freight from the port by rail by 2010," Mr Batchelor said.</p> <br />