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Port Kembla to start work on second multi-purpose berth

<p>Port Kembla Port Corporation will extend its existing multi-purpose berth and construct another to create a total multi-purpose quay length of 700 metres, as result of the new state port plans revealed on Sunday (October 5). </p> <p>Chief executive Phil McGavin said that the new facilities, which will include extended hardstand and possibly more covered storage, out of port revenue. </p> <p>The multi-purpose facilities are already connected to the main southern rail line from Sydney.</p> <p>Patrick and P&#38O Ports are already in discussion to relocate multi-purpose operations to a shared facility in the port once White Bay and Darling Harbour are closed by early 2006. </p> <p>However, no agreements have been reached yet. </p> <p>Mr McGavin said that declining coal movements into the port have created spare road and rail capacity in and out of the port.</p> <p>He said that while he did not dispute competing analysis showing extra costs per unit in moving cargo from Port Kembla, this would now change as dedicated container truckers moved into the port and provided realistic quotes for moving containers. </p> <p>Port Kembla will get a boost if the Patrick intermodal terminal plan at Ingleburn in Sydney’s southwest gets through an independent inquiry.</p> <br />