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Port Kembla calls for better coal rail connections

<p>Port Kembla Coal Terminal has called for the construction of the Maldon-Dombarton railway line, linking Port Kembla with Picton in the Illawarra coal fields serviced by the port. </p> <p>Terminal general manager John Brannon told the hearings of the House of Representatives Transport and Regional Affairs Committee inquiry into links between regional areas and ports that there was now a strong case for developing the rail line. </p> <p>The project was dropped by the NSW government in 1988 in favour of road haulage. </p> <p>Mr Brannon also told the hearings that curfews on road and rail movements into the terminal meant a restriction on the facility’s performance. He said that road or rail deliveries could only take place for 46% of its operating time, when the terminal had seven million tonnes of spare capacity. </p> <p>"Clearly there is the real prospect that growth of trade from Port Kembla may not be realised if receival restrictions are not addressed," he said. </p> <p>Inquiry chairman Paul Neville suggested that relaxing curfews could lead to a better spreading of truck traffic into the port. </p> <br />