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Police collaborating on Sydney Trains behaviour program

Crowding Sydney Trains. Photo: Transport for NSW

Bad behaviour is being targeted on the Sydney Trains network with at least 10 people charged by Police Transport Command last week.

Transport for NSW on Friday said it had conducted a Bad Behaviour Blitz on the network, as part of a continued effort to decrease “anti-social behaviour”.

A collaborative policing operation, Operation Disrupt, will also run for the month of February.

Since the start of the operation, 10 people have been charged, and more than 500 infringements have also been issued for a range of anti-social behaviours.

TfNSW said these charges include things like fare evasion, littering and offensive language.

“99% of people are doing the right thing and travelling on the Sydney network has never been safer,” Sydney Trains boss Howard Collins said.

“Customer satisfaction is high but we want to continue to improve our services.

“We’re talking about basic manners that not only make train journeys more pleasant for everyone, but also helps avoid train delays caused by people not being able to board and alight quickly.”

Assistant Commissioner Max Mitchell from the Police Transport Command believes the highly visible nature of the operation will help curb much of the anti-social behaviour before it can escalate into a serious offence.

“It’s simply not okay to put your feet of the seats, smoke on trains or platforms, discard rubbish, or use offensive language,” Mitchell said.

“If these types of offences go unchecked, people are more likely to think they can get away with more serious crimes, and we won’t allow that.”