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Police checks at level crossings

For the first time in Sydney, a police operation is underway to ensure drivers obey the rules at level crossings, to avoid a potential tragedy.

The initiative, which until now has only been carried out in regional NSW, is targeting the crossing at Pine Road in Fairfield, which has previously seen drivers blatantly disregard their own safety, and that of others.

Minister for Metropolitan Roads Natalie Ward welcomed the move into metropolitan Sydney.

“This is an important operation that we hope will raise awareness to help prevent actions that can lead to serious and potentially fatal consequences,” she said.

“It is essential that drivers, riders and pedestrians obey the road rules each time they reach a level crossing.

“We have flashing lights, boom gates and road markings there for good reason, and saving yourself a few seconds by ignoring them can have tragic results and quite simply isn’t worth the risk.”

NSW Police Force’s Traffic and Highway Patrol Command Inspector Kelly Wixx said the operation runs for 10 days.

“The campaign is aimed at increasing public safety and awareness around rail level crossings in the metropolitan area. This forms part of an ongoing series of enforcement campaigns highlighting how important it is for drivers to be vigilant and obey the road rules,” he said.

“During the campaign, police will be on the lookout for motorists disobeying level crossing flashing lights and boom gates, vehicles queuing over the railway tracks, speeding near level crossings, and drivers who are distracted by the illegal use of mobile phones.”

The campaign ends on Friday 8 April.