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Platform doors in place across Sydney Metro

Platform screen doors have been installed along the platforms of Martin Place, Central, Waterloo and Sydenham, as Sydney Metro City & Southwest takes shape.

Each door weighs around 200 kilograms and stands at 2.7 metres tall to create a complete barrier between the platform and the train.

The new screen doors will make platforms safer for customers and improve travel efficiency by allowing trains to get in and out of the station much faster, while keeping people and objects like prams away from the tracks.

More than 2.7 kilometres of platform screen doors will be installed across the eight city metro stations – Crows Nest, Victoria Cross, Barangaroo, Martin Place, Pitt Street, Central, Waterloo and Sydenham – 170 metres at each station.

More benefits of the new doors include:

  • Increased safety: separation of the platform from the track area offers customers maximum protection from arriving and passing trains.
  • Improved reliability and punctuality: customers can move along the platform more efficiently.
  • Increased frequency of trains: shorter intervals between trains, increasing the capacity of the transport system.